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Youth Alpha course 2017

If you’re a young person (secondary school) you’re invited to explore LIFE, GOD & Faith. How? Via youth alpha film series…

What is youth alpha film series?

The Youth Film Series consists of twelve short episodes, which look at a different questions around faith and are designed to create conversation. It’s for young people with no Christian or church background. You can discuss any questions you have, voice your opinion and learn from other people about who God is and what knowing him might mean to YOU. It’s about exploring life and seeing where the bible may fit in a relevant and meaningful way. Check out a short video below to explain more…

How does it work?

Food – Youth Alpha always starts with food. We share a delicious, cooked meal together. No charge. It’s free. At our first session we are getting pizza from Papa Johns (whoop! whoop!)

Game – One of the best way of getting to know someone is through a game 🙂

Talk – Between 20–25 minutes long, each Alpha Youth Series episode unpacks the basics of the Christian faith, addressing questions such as, ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘How can we have faith?’ and ‘Why and how should I pray?’

Discussion – Throughout each episode, there are three discussion breaks. These breaks give a chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and discuss them further in small groups.

When & Where? – Our first session is on Tuesday 26th September meeting at 6.30pm – 8.30pm. We will meet at the Olive room, St John’s link (Church road, Windlesham, GU20 6BL). After this first session we will meet every Tuesday at the same time and place till the 5th December.

Click here to find the programme and booking form for youth alpha 2017.

The Launch of youth alpha 2017

If you’re still unsure then why not check out our first session on Tuesday 26th September. There will be papa John’s pizza, games, video presentation, and discussion.

If you would like to come (yay! mini fist pump!), you need to let us know (so we can get enough pizzas) so please RSVP Bonny on email: 

If you know for definite that you would like to commit to the course please download our BOOKING FORM and return to Oli Deeks.

The legend that is Bear Grylls has also done alpha! Check out what he thinks in the video below.


We sure hope you can join us!

We sure are in for an adventure…


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